Friday, February 27, 2015

My Next Few Victims

I am slowly getting my head around the whole f stop, shutter speed, light thing with this camera.
Well, honestly, I think I have it for a hot minute and take a great picture, and then turn right back around and take fifteen that absolutely suck!
I guess I am just going to have to practice........

No! To dark! Practice..............................
Getting better. Practice.....................................

I was trying to show the vapor blowing with a slow shutter speed. I think I did like 3 seconds. But apparently I moved while I was holding the camera "still" and this one blurred. Practice............

Finally! A good picture, with great focus. Of course it was when the boy had finally gotten so tired of it all he stopped looking at the camera.
So then I recruited Shiloh. He has always taken great pictures. But every time I whispered his name or whistled he would come to me instead of perking his ears up. We walked a circle around the yard before he finally figured out I wasn't really calling him.
"Hey Mom, which is my good side? This one?"
"Or this?"
And the absolute bestest picture of the day. And one I am going to have made into an 8X10 for the wall!!!!!
I love this dog! He's so patient, and photogenic.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Flowers and Water

Just playing around with close ups and light 

Then I decided to try and stop water

You should see how many pictures I deleted! It was mind boggling!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Playing with shutter speed and light

I in no way can claim I know what I am doing but yesterday, while Bella Boop was doing her homework, I started messing with the shutter speed and aperture.

She really is the best subject for multiple picture taking. All I had to do was point the lens at her and she would stop whatever she was doing and smile.
In more than one of these pictures she has a mouth full of chips.

The first picture is my favorite, though she has too many shadows on her face.
The picture on the bottom was using a little trick Doug showed me to diffuse the flash with a tissue. The focus is not really sharp, so I must work on that.

I wish I had written down f stops and all that to tell you what I did, but I didn't think about it till just this minute.

This, in no way, shows the amount of picture that kid sat there and let me take of her. But it shows the different settings I was trying to figure out and play with.

I finally decided the kid needed to get back to her homework and started taking pictures of flowers.

Those will be in my next post.

The wireless thingy came in today so it's time to set that up and see what it can do. ;0)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

First official pictures

Let me warn you, they are not great at all. I won't be winning any awards.

When I got the camera I was playing around with it, trying to get a feel for it.
Some were o.k.

This was complete, anyone can use this camera and take a great picture, no matter how goofy the subject, auto mode.

With this one I was trying to set the focus point, which I did on the fish tank, then I held it and took the picture of the lamp.
Definitely came out interesting I thought.
Never mind the baby prints on the glass, we are talking cameras here, not my awful housework!


Then I started playing with the focus a little bit.
I'm not gonna lie, I had no clue what the hell I was doing and only my up close and personal ones came out right.
And I just think this second picture is cool. I know, I'm weird. But hey! I am the one behind the lens!

Selfies are not an option!

A huge THANK YOU! to my co-worker Doug who used to be a photography teacher at the local college.
He helped me take all the information I had read on the internet and make it make sense.
I went fully manual this afternoon!
I will show you those pictures in my next post.

First Official Post

Even though my birthday is not until the end of next month, my dear hubby bought me this kit as an early gift.
Honestly, it's because we got such a great deal with all of accessories that were included in the price.

As I waited patiently for my camera to arrive I started googling around (that is now a technical term) and found a plethora of information on how to get the best out of my investment.

One thing a lot of the professionals said, quite often, is to start a picture blog.
The theory is this will help you see your continued progress and keep you interested in learning new techniques at the same time.
And! Since we know I am all about blogging I figured, what the hell! Might as well!

I received the camera last night, so now I am patiently waiting on the little wireless attachment I ordered to go with it so I can shoot the pictures to the blog.

I know all about the usb reader and the cables and wires available. Thing is, I never, ever boot up my computer anymore.
The IPad has taken it's place. Though if it keep going like it did last night, I may have to fire old faithful up just to have storage space for all the pictures.

I played around with it last night, just trying out different focal points and settings. I did manage to get a few pictures of the cat.
She is the only one who would sit still long enough for me to play with the new camera.
So I guess those will be my first pictures to upload.
My first official photos on the new camera! Whoop! Whoop!

Hopefully as I get a little more practice, I will be able to talk more photo lingo.
For now, it is what it is. A camera with a lens and me on the other end!