Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mullet Fishin'

Mullet fishing takes way more skill and practice than I will ever have. I'm so lucky I have PB

First you check this way

Then that
Get ready
It looks so natural and graceful when he does it. Me? pfffttt, forget about it!

And ever the watchful companion.............

with the sexy walking out of the ocean shot...................

A great evening on Dauphin Island!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tomatoes and squash

With a little bit of work.........

just a couple of packs of these......

a few hours in the garden............

a little bit of time and a LOT  of water.......

You end up with this wild forest!
This was after the storms had come through and beat my poor plants up, I have since gotten in there and tied up all the new growth and the sun has done it's job and they are once again standing straight and taller than their stakes.
I am going to have plenty of tomatoes to put up for my tomato gravy this year!
We have been eating the squash for about a week now, the plants are almost finished up. None of that ever makes it to the freezer. I just put them down because they produce so fast it keeps me from picking at the tomatoes too early.

And.........because he's Shiloh.............

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

Welcome to the jungle

where everything is starting to blossom and bloom

Pickin' petunias is now a daily chore.

There are crimson........

my personal favorite, purple.................
and the red star, when this is open fully it reminds me of the Red Cross symbol

The hibiscus is in full bloom and calling all the humming birds....

and the ferns are lush and green.

The tomato garden that looked like this back in April,
Has doubled in size even since this picture was taken in May
And last, but far from least, the obligatory Shiloh shot.
He loves chewing on the sticks that have been soaking in the water for a while. I think he craves salt. He will shred one to pieces.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Day At The Beach

First, you have to get the boat ready for the water by washing it..... with water......
It was absolutely beautiful this weekend
 It felt so good to have my toes back in the sand!
The best seat in the house
Birds were enjoying the great weather too.

Triniti made a sand angle.
Over crowding, Dauphin Island style
Mini didn't care for the water at all but he loved the sand!
Lots of fun in the sun!

Friday, April 3, 2015

When you find a trail you just have to follow...

PB and I found a bird sanctuary trail and decided to check it out.
Though we didn't see any birds, like not a one! I did get some pretty cool pictures.

Even the weeds are pretty on a nice spring day!

 Then I started playing with a lens that I had brought with me.
This one actually got picked to be used in one of our station i.d. promos. 
Nifty huh?!?

 This one just has that, "no! Don't go in there!" look to it!

 We ended up back at the dock for a bit. Just watching the water and listening to the birds.
Yes, the same ones that were hiding when I wanted to take their pictures. Those birds!