Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ruby Falls Part 2: Under the mountain we go

It's time to see the Falls with Kendall, Kate and PB.
I promise he's excited, he just hides it well.
Still not the best at pics on they fly, but I'm getting the hang of it.
                                             This little thing right here tells you how far down
                                        you are going. Yeah, I   didn't need to see that.
Here we go! Under the mountain. It gets a little close in here!

These were the only times I used the flash. It was a lot harder to get a good picture for a newbie like me, but I didn't want to use the flash down here. Just seemed like it didn't belong. That's how I ended up taking almost 600 pictures and only kept about 250! But I guess that all goes with photography.

No we didn't have to walk through this, this is an above the head shot. A girl could get claustrophobic down here.
For whatever reason this picture looks like sunrise out in a field somewhere.
I promise this is in the mountain. It just came out wicked frikkin' cool! Of course if you blow it up it's just a blurry picture of some rocks. But like this, sunset, under a tree, in a field.
It really is beautiful. The way they have set up the lights and you hear the running water.
When it's not dripping on your head.
We're getting closer!
This was also pretty high above our heads. It was hard for  me to get a good shot with the lenses I have. But maybe Sandy Clause will help me with that this year ;0)
And then you come around a corner, through this corridor and..........

This was definitely on the fly and not the best picture. But you only have a few minutes to get through the crowd and try and get a few pictures.
I have a few more pictures I will upload in another post.
I hope you like them. It has all been a learning process for me. ;0)