Monday, March 9, 2015

Playing around Saturday night

I was just sitting outside Saturday night and caught a glimpse of the moon coming up from behind the tree. You know I had to break out the camera!
This first picture I think is absolutely awesome. Mainly because this looks creepy as hell. And really it's not, it's just a big oak that stands in the back yard. It's great for tire swings and bird feeders and shading the pool in the hot summer months.
Then I was playing with the camera and got this shot. It's just .... creepy looking to me.
Too  many scary movies I guess.

I had the shutter open for like 3 seconds on this one, yeah, I needed the tripod for sure.
 After I got the tripod the pictures came out much better.
See, nothing creepy about the tree in this one.

 I was constantly adjusting the iso and shutter and aperture and finally I got this picture.
I think this one is what I was going for.

Anyway, just messing around. Sometimes I like these pictures and sometimes I think "WTH were you thinking when you took that shot?!"
But I guess it's all in the learning curve.