Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ruby Falls in pictures: Part1 The road trip


It was a wonderful day for a six hour road trip!
The weather had been threatening rain all week without a drop falling.
Until it as time to leave for Tennessee. Then, of course, the roof fell out!
The rain slowed to a drizzle but it looked like it was threatening to start all over again at any minute.
Well I wasn't going to drive in that weather!
I couldn't pass this sign up without taking a picture!
Roll Tide!
It wasn't a bad trip at all. Once the rain stopped we started making pretty good time.
I had brought some knitting I intended to finish on this trip, in the end I spent the whole trip looking around for anything that might be picture worthy.
We finally made it to the boys house.
I am not good enough at all my manual settings yet to take pictures on the fly. As you can see this one isn't that great. But it was a quick smile and shoot. It is what it is.